A Most Unique Wedding Venue

Enjoy Extended Time with Family and Friends

You have discovered one of the best kept secrets on NSW South Coast – a unique wedding venue for couples looking to get off the beaten path and experience something truly special.


We are now accepting tentative bookings for our beautiful venue and hope to be back open by October 2021! After the recent bushfires we are so excited to rebuild and our offering is going to be so much better than before.

Located less than two hours from Sydney and Canberra, Kangaroo Valley truly is Australia’s most beautiful valley. Its picturesque surroundings are ideal for your wedding at our award winning venue. Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat offers a choice of magnificent natural venues to hold your wedding ceremony, from the distinctive cathedral-like rock cavity to a picturesque deck overlooking the valley. Photo opportunities abound.

Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat is the perfect and most unique all-in-one wedding venue where natural beauty and a relaxed environment are brought together to create the perfect secluded venue.

Our wonderful property is uniquely different. It offers you the use of all the facilities for your wedding celebration, exclusively for 48 hours. On-site accommodation, rock cathedral, sunset deck, reception hall, bar, dance floor, outdoor alfresco dining, pool and bonfire area are all within close proximity. We are a BYO venue which offers a great way to help keep costs down. Best of all, family and friends can stay up as late as they wish. If this sounds like your kind of wedding venue don’t hesitate to contact us to book a property inspection and see it for yourself.

South Coast Unique Wedding Venue
South Coast Unique Wedding Venue
Kangaroo Valley Unique Wedding Venue

Exclusively Yours!

Your Ultimate All-in-one Wedding Venue

As a private facility, Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, located in Kangaroo Valley, NSW, has no traffic other than your guests, making the beautiful scenery that much more intimate. Your ultimate all-in-one wedding venue.

There are so many ways for you and your guests to create an unforgettable experience at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat. The property is totally yours to share with your close family and friends for 48 hours.

The ease of organising a wedding at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat is unequalled, we have years of experience and a thorough list of outstanding local suppliers in all categories.

South Coast Unique Wedding Venue
Kangaroo Valley Wedding Venue
South Coast Unique Wedding Venue

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